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Augusta, Maine

opportunity OVERVIEW:

Dental Administrative training is a comprehensive program designed to give students all the practical skills they will need to become successful Dental Patient Care Coordinators. This course is intended for those who are looking for a career that is in demand, that is recession-proof, rewarding, offers job security and is in the dental/health field. A high-functioning, knowledgeable, and dedicated team is the most important factor to your success. When will you make the investment?

What Is A Dental Admin?

Also known as a Patient Care Coordinator, Front Desk Personnel, or Treatment Coordinator- is someone who works in a dental office handling clerical duties, like managing dental appointments, handling/billing insurance claims, coordinating treatment, sending vital documents such as correspondences, medical clearance and preauthorizations. You may spend your time at a desk, working with documents, forms, and computer systems. You work closely with patients, other office staff, and a dental care team. As a Patient Care Coordinator, you are the person who coordinates the office and ensures that dentists and other dental staff are aware of what is happening in the front office; making the entire operation of the dental office come around, in full swing in an organized, professional manner.

What job opportunities do patient care coordinators have?

Our Dental Admin training equips graduates to apply their skills in a number of different roles, including many front office job titles as you advance in your career- ultimately leading up to a dental office manager. You can work in a variety of different environments including solo dental practices, group practices, hospital dental clinics, dental school clinics and specialty practices.

What does the job outlook for the future look like?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of receptionists is projected to show little or no change from 2022 to 2032.142,600 openings for receptionists are projected each year, on average, over the decade. This means many job openings and constant demand. 

What will I learn in this program?

  • Receptionist & Telephone Skills
  • Productive Scheduling
  • Patient Financials & Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental Fundamentals
  • Records Management
  • Denticon dental software
  • Records transfer
  • Medical clearances
  • Correspondences
  • Preauthorizations
  • Check-in/check-out duties
  • Billing
  • Patient AR Reports
  • Insurance AP Reports
  • Ledger auditing

What is included in this program?

All materials, Program paid software use, externship experience.

Campus LocationAugusta, Maine

Duration: Classes are 4 weeks long. Upon graduation those who are offered a job position will immediately start & be paid, and those who are not offered a position by this time, will start their networking process to local dental offices for possible job opportunities!

Tuition: Total Tuition cost per student is currently waived for the 2023-2024 calendar year. Tuition must be paid IN FULL prior to starting your session, you may still enroll ahead of time, but will not be applicable to start until your balance is paid in full.

Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed- 9AM-12PM 4 week duration OR 1PM-3PM

Dates: Please let the director know when you are available to start- we are currently offering drop-in classes that have an immediate start date, while promotion lasts-
We do not have set dates announced currently, however we project our next class will launch come April/May 2024.


Acceptance/Denials/Job Offers:

Our program has a 90% acceptance rate for candidates! Those who are accepted into our program and are offered an in-group job opportunity, will start their position immediately upon graduation, paid. Upon being denied, you are able to re-apply at any point in time. If you are accepted into our program- upon graduation- For those who are not offered a position at one of our in group offices, you will be offered direct job assistance. Our director will work hand-in-hand with you to find and assist you with possible local job opportunities. At this time, you have graduated from our program, can add it to your resume and are ready to start in the live workforce of being a Patient Care Coordinator.

Next Steps:

The next step in your application process is a phone interview! This is a standard enrollment protocol- at this time, you will set up a zoom interview with our Director and CEO. Following approval, you may be offered an in-person interview at this time.

In person interview: At the time of your in-person interview you will be present at the Augusta campus with the Director of the program. One week from your interview you will receive an enrollment determination via email-determining if you were chosen for acceptance into our program.

Denial: If you were not offered a student spot in our program for the applicable session time, you may re-apply for enrollment at any point in time.

Acceptance: If you are accepted into our program, you will have required documents to fill out, as well as documentation to provide to the enrolling director & all applicable contracts. At the time of your completion of requirements for enrollment, you will coincide with the director on your session details.

Contact: For additional questions or to pursue your application for enrollment, please contact the director of the New England School of Dental Assisting:

Email: kelsey@nedentalassisting.com
Phone: 207-200-4455

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