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Have you been searching for a career that helps people? A career that offers you a flexible schedule and great pay? A career that gives you the opportunity to grow? You’ve come to the right place! The dental field is constantly growing. At New England School Of Dental Assisting, you’ll work toward a dental career that fits you. Below are a few of the professions you can pursue with your training. Are you ready to start your successful dental career? Call us now to enroll!


Dental Assistant

The dental assistant role is an entry-level position. As a dental assistant, you’ll play an important role in helping the dentist’s office run smoothly. You’ll find yourself busy taking X-rays, greeting patients, assisting dentists, and performing many jobs that contribute to the overall success of the practice. One of the most important jobs you’ll have is making patients feel welcome and comfortable – a highly rewarding effort!

Certified Dental Assistant

Once you’ve worked as a dental assistant, full time, for one year, you’ll be eligible to take the Dental Assistant National Board test to become a certified dental assistant. Once you pass, you’ll have the opportunity to earn higher pay. You may also find yourself taking on more clinical and office responsibilities. The more knowledge you have – the more money you can earn!


Expanded Function Dental Assistant

In addition to the typical duties of a dental assistant, an expanded function dental assistant (EFDA) will likely be doing work like placing dental sealants and fillings. EFDAs are licensed by the state. To get your license, you’ll have to be a certified dental assistant with at least two years of work experience. Becoming an EFDA is the highest level you can reach in dental assisting – but don’t worry, your career doesn’t stop here!

Dental Assistant Instructor

Looking to mix your love of teaching with your love of oral healthcare? A dental assistant instructor might just be the perfect role for you. Choosing this career path means you’ll be educating and training others in the important dental assisting subjects – radiology, dental tool familiarity, dental record keeping, and hands-on instruction. The path to dental assistant instructor requires you to have prior dental assisting experience. 



Dental assisting is a great place to start your career in the dental field. You might find you love the work so much you want to pursue a career as a dentist and apply to dental school. Dentists perform highly specialized work on patients – you’ll need advanced training. Dental training allows you to specialize in an area like orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics.

Dental consultant

Becoming a dental consultant is a great way to work for yourself. Since you’ll be familiar with how a dental practice runs, you’ll have the expertise to recommend areas of improvement that your dental clients could take advantage of.  From running trainings to suggesting process improvements, dental consultants offer a great deal of value to dental practices. New England School Of Dental Assisting’s excellent program will give you the knowledge and expertise you need to start a career in dental assisting. And once you have some experience in the field, you could find yourself as a dental consultant!

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